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Learning that Empowers
Students for Life

River Valley Virtual Academy (RVVA) is committed to providing the most flexible, streamlined, and affordable K-12 education for your child. From the ground up, our flexible online curriculum is designed for students who want and need a different school experience. Premium online technology propels everything we do. With RVVA, your child will be able to access top-of-the-line educational materials provided by passionate, Arkansas-certified teachers almost anywhere.

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Unlock Your Child’s Potential.

  • A high-quality public school education featuring exceptional online curriculum developed by Pearson, the world’s learning company.
  • One-on-one instruction and support delivered in real time from passionate, experienced, Arkansas-certified teachers.
  • Flexible and interactive online classes that fit your schedule.
  • Interactive web tools, online lesson plans, and live instruction in an online classroom without distractions or peer pressure.
  • 24/7 student support system.
  • A nationally and regionally recognized diploma.

Stay Connected

The courses at River Valley Virtual Academy are entirely online. That means your child can attend class when it is convenient. Our flexible online curriculum adapts to the students rather than forcing students to conform to our schedule. Our students live busy, hectic lifestyles that don’t always allow for the challenging requirements of a traditional school experience. The students at River Valley Virtual Academy learn at their own pace and with the tools that are right for them. We pride ourselves on placing your child’s needs first and basing our success on the success of our students.

Quality Without The Cost

As well as allowing an incredibly flexible online curriculum, web-based technology gives River Valley Virtual Academy the ability to provide unparalleled educational support. Students have the option to meet weekly with a RVVA teacher in person or our teachers can be contacted via email or phone.