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About Us

River Valley Virtual Academy believes that it is ineffective to standardize the K-12 school experience. Each student is different from the one in the desk next to him or her. Each student comes from a unique background, and is faced with different challenges and gifted with different skills. It is clear that we cannot expect each student to learn and grow in the same way. That belief drives everything we do at River Valley Virtual Academy. It is why we have flipped traditional education on its head and built a unique program brimming with resources, tools, and people that will help your child succeed.

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Impassioned Teachers

The teachers at River Valley Virtual Academy are intensely devoted to their students’ success. Our teachers are professional, Arkansas-certified educators who specialize in developing and delivering information through digital means. Their teaching styles are perfectly suited to an online environment. Our teachers teach in real-time and provide web-based teaching tools to engross your child fully, even from miles away. At all hours of the day, your child can access a wealth of information and find the answers to any questions that arise.

Innovative Technology

River Valley Virtual Academy is powered by the most advanced and secure wireless technology. Your child enters a virtual classroom free of the distractions found in a conventional school. Our students learn in real time from Arkansas-certified teachers. Students can engage with interactive web tools and brainstorm with other students instantaneously to fully absorb class concepts. Our online lesson plans are simple to follow so that our students know what they will encounter down the road. It is like having a full classroom inside your living room. As your child learns and grows, River Valley Virtual Academy offers up-to-date progress reports that make it easy to track your child’s improvement. River Valley Virtual Academy has effectively incorporated modern technology to create a sleek and efficient educational model.

High-Quality Courses

River Valley Virtual Academy’s comprehensive curriculum features the same necessary, quality information that students receive at a brick-and-mortar school. The difference is that we impart that information in a more efficient and accessible way. Your child will have access to a plentiful array of online courses in six crucial subject areas.

A Real High School Diploma

River Valley Virtual Academy is offered by an accredited, public charter school. That means all of our Van Buren School District graduates walk away with a legitimate, nationally recognized high school diploma to set them up for success at the next level. Our students get the same knowledge and reap the same rewards as students who attend traditional K-12 schools across the country. Enroll your child in a program that makes it easier and more efficient for them to earn that quality education. Our students get the same education as conventional students without having to worry about any costs and distractions that sometimes come with the usual K-12 experience.

Support You Can Count On

River Valley Virtual Academy’s full range support team of qualified teachers, teaching assistants, student achievement coordinators, and 24/7 technical support is there to guide your child through their educational journey. Our expert teachers will ensure that your child never feels left out or left behind thanks to the personalized attention that digital teaching allows. Our technical support team is proficient in all areas of our innovative digital equipment. If equipment problems arise, our staff will quickly help you solve the issue and get your child back into class and on the road to success. At River Valley Virtual Academy, we ensure that your child will never feel “stuck.”